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Operating Room / Lights

Operating Room Lights Burton Outpatient II Minor Surgery Light

Burton Outpatient II Minor Surgery Light

Burton Outpatient II Minor Surgery Light w/Fleximount Single Ceiling Mount

The Outpatient II is the industry leader for diagnostic and procedure lights. More physicians choose the Outpatient II than any other diagnostic light for focusable flood-type light, maximum intensity and shadow-free operation. With minimal heat output and high color temperature, the Outpatient II is the perfect low-maintenance, top performing light for nearly every application in the hospital, surgical suite or physicians office.


  • Unit is used but in nice condition
  • Focuses with central removable, autoclavable SteriHandleNOT INCLUDED but can be ordered directly from Burton
  • 8000 footcandles (87,000 Lux) at 24 inches (61 cm)
  • 3300? K color temperature
  • Friction knob allows user to position self-balancing arm without a tool for drift-free positioning
  • Cool operation assured with heat filters and dichroic coatings
  • Shadow-free operation provided by 3 optically improved 50-watt halogen bulbs, each with 9000 hr. average bulb life
  • Bulbs are wired in parallel to assure continuous operation
  • Design allows removal or replacement of SteriHandlewith one hand (for assuring sterile procedures)
  • 115V model standard (230V models also available)
  • UL 60601-1/60601-2-41 certified
  • Made in the USA

$ 1,49500

Available: 18

Item No. 4106 /Ref No#1343

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